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MeOTA Treasurer

Role of the MeOTA Treasurer

The Treasurer serves for a two  year term and is elected in odd years.  The MeOTA treasure is a voting member of the Executive Board of the Association.  One of the primary functions of the treasurer is collecting all dues, having charge of all monies, holding all funds deposited with the Association and paying the bills. The treasurer keeps an itemized record of all receipts and expenditures and gives a written report of the same at each meeting. Another role of the treasurer is to present financial statements covering the last fiscal year ending the thirtieth day of September at the next membership meeting as well as submitting an annual report to the President.  Finally, the treasurer prepares the MeOTA budget for approval by the Executive Board. 

Meet Treasurer Marissa Kelley-Martunas

Marissa is an OTR/L and has held this position since January 2008. Her position entails MeOTA money management. She is responsible for keeping us is in the black. With input from the rest of the executive board Marissa develops a budget for the year and does her best to keep everyone within it! She is also responsible for keeping all bills current and for depositing any funds coming into the organization. By working closely with the accountant and the representative at Ameriprise, Marissa helps to maintain a small investment for MeOTA. Being the Treasurer does not put her in the forefront of the organization as much as other positions might, but money does matter and MeOTA has to be sure that what it spends is less than or equal to the funds it acquires. It is not MeOTA’s intention to make money, but the organization certainly has to be careful to manage it well so that the needs of our members can be well met. Because of the number of positions Marissa has held in MeOTA, she has a great global perspective of our organization. Prior to being Treasurer, she was the Midcoast Rep. Marissa is also an active member of MeOTA on the Conference Committee. Marissa’s sees MeOTA as a great way to feel like a part of a larger community. Occupational therapy practitioners are a great group of people and she loves the opportunity to interact with them and to learn from them. MeOTA really provides that link for her. In a state as big as Maine, it is sometimes easy to feel isolated. MeOTA reminds Marissa that she is not alone and that she has lots of great colleagues. Marissa urges that it is really important for people to make the effort to attend at least one of the MeOTA conferences each year. It is a great way to reconnect and re-energize. Also she reminds us all not to forget about the smaller opportunities, often closer to home, put on by each regional representative. There are lots of great chances for learning and sharing in the MeOTA organization.

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